Aeolian Veneration


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i don’t want to write about you

i write about the ones who are gone
the smoke and the mirrors of the
dead eyes they have left behind

they have their missives
in bitemark-braille and blood
with serifs courtesy
of the curves of my nails

and i do not want you there.


hextrudedcubes replied to your post: .

Postulates: 1) friends are good friends 2) good friends know each other well 3) aspect of thing friends got you makes you happy; Conclusion: 4) aspect of thing probably not the result of forgetfulness

ahaha normally your postulations would be spot on except for two factors that I didn’t provide you

1.) they bought me the thing so I wouldn’t have to make a thing to save me time since I am making 5 costumes 

2.) the person who bought the thing is my best guy friend since like 6th grade who has the most amazing ability to view me as the fantastically fit person I am not better than anyone I have ever seen in my life. Like he wanted to cosplay Balthier and have me be Fran and did not understand why I was reluctant to do that cosplay. But it was probably less of that and more of “I am a redic thin man who has never had to shop online for something that -says- it’s plus size but is really not made in any way for someone actually plus size”. 



Love foxes


I nominated Zeminar, head wizard of the society of wizards, for the ice bucket / lemon and soap bucket challenge.

I think I remember you recommending His Dark Materials for my YA blog entry (I did include it). If you are indeed familiar with the series, might I ask what sort of creature your daemon would be? (you already know mine, of course)

ahaha yeah that was probably me.

oh lordy this is one of those questions that I love to get but I get a bit rambly sorry

So I have struggled with this question for many many years (shush i read these books in like 5th grade) because my go-to answer is completely and utterly cliche. The animal your daemon is is supposed to kinda represent the inner you as well as reflect your personality and I spent many years trying to find another one that fit because dammit everyone has this daemon what if I was just choosing it because I love them and not because thats what it would actually be??? I have taken every daemon quiz on the internet and asked the like three people I know in real life what they would think and I keep getting the same answer but I second guess it. (have you guessed it yet?)

Its a Cat. Not sure if larger than average housecat or BIG CAT, but it’s a cat.

I like my alone time, but I soak up attention from people like a sponge, I am vain, I am intelligent, I am a selfish motherfucker when it comes to my friends (no they are MINE back OFF), I would sleep all day and stay up all night if I could (maybe even just sleep all the time no getting up), I enjoy certain people’s company and others can fuck right off no I will not hang out with you I don’t like you, etc.

The only other option I could think of was an Elephant. Which didn’t really mesh so I went with cat.

I cannot tell you how often I have second guessed this choice. (i invest too much time in fictional representations of my soul)

I also welcome other thoughts on this like for reals please tell me if you have something other than a cat.



"u dont need makeup to be pretty just be urself!!!"

ok but consider this

  • i fucking love eyeliner


Wild Fox : (©) 

by GitLob



Wild Fox : (©

by GitLob

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