Aeolian Veneration


The assholes who use LED headlights are the bane of my night blinded driving existence.

Abyssinian cat with kitten (x)

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what do u mean “4 minute shower” it takes me 4 minutes to get the water to the right temperature smh



Toothless Greeting Astrid Then // Toothless Greeting Astrid Now

"Astrid, Toothless. Toothless, Astrid…"

Love it when the person at the drive through at mcdonalds ignores me! It’s my favorite! I gave her .41 so she could put that in and then I could swipe my card without it going overdrawn. Albeit .05 not overdrawn but still not in the red. And this complete as utter dick of a person swipes my card while still holding my change and then looks at me and says “it didn’t decline”. NO SHIT SHERLOCK IT STILL THINKS IT HAS MONEY CAUSE I JUST GOT GAS AND IT HASNT GONE THROUGH. and when I asked her if she could void it and do it again she goes ” oh I can’t do that”. Lady I have BEEN you I have worked that job hell yeah you can you just have to get the manager. But because I would be late for work I just drove forward got my fucking food and left. I am so mad. I am mad cause I specifically told her what to do and she ignored me.

Found a new scarf to go with my badass Tardis skirt ensemble!!


1950s Prom and Party Dresses: Blue

It was my mamas birthday yesterday. She is an amazing woman that raised my sisters and me to be the people we are and I am overwhelmingly grateful to her and the lessons she has taught me. She has been sick for many many years but still kicks ass and works her hardest. I love my mama dearly.

Woke up in a panic last night cause when I looked at my phone it said 2:00. No am or pm so I spent almost a full minute lying in bed thinking about how I had to call into work and let them know I would be late and nearly to the point of tears when I realized it was dark out the window and I unlocked the phone and it said am. Overwhelming relief followed by internal facepalming.